Improving the Benefit Experience


Healthcare reform introduces a new set of challenges for businesses to continue to provide quality benefits for employees. AristaPoint Consultants are committed to educating clients on how to purchase healthcare benefits efficiently.

We approach the needs of our clients from their point of view. Our Consultants are committed to transparency and educating our clients on how to purchase healthcare benefits effectively. We listen to our clients to determine their goals and objectives and then assist them in developing "Healthcare Management Strategies" to meet their needs and address the changing environment for years to come.

We understand change is not always taken lightly, and at AristaPoint we do everything we can to engage employees in their benefit plan. Goal setting is taken to a new level with our employee-driven reward programs. Our plans don't have a one-and-done mentality instead plans encourage and aid employees in achieving their goals on a consistent basis. Whether it's earning money with the Trio motion device or saving money with United Healthcare's fitness reimbursement program, at AristaPoint, we provide the resources employees need to succeed.

AristaPoint focuses on serving clients and providing the leadership for change in healthcare, innovation, and technology. At AristaPoint we created and introduced compliant benefit solutions to help employers through The Portfolio. The first employee benefits multi-choice marketplace, featuring fully compliant and approved ACA benefit plan options. Our platform includes strategic partnerships with other Puget Sound based companies that provide payroll and HR services which can be integrated to offer administrative savings with world-class products and services that meet the diversified needs of employers and employees.

With our focus on advancements in technology and highly trained consultants, we are changing the healthcare system. We are committed to delivering "A Better Way To Buy Healthcare."