Improving the Benefit Experience



UnitedHealthcare Motion™
Step, stroll or stride toward lower health care costs.
Walking every day may help you earn H.S.A. Savings Account credits.

Walking may be one of the easiest ways to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. With the United Healthcare Motion incentive program, walking may even help you save on health care costs. So if you’re looking to help boost your well-being and lower your health care costs, just lace up your sneakers and go.

As a Unitedhealthcare plan member enrolled in an H.S.A. (Health Savings Account) through an employer sponsored plan, you can take greater control of your health while, at the same time, earning up to $3 per day in H.S.A. credits for meeting specific fit goals. The reward credits are deposited directly into your H.S.A. account once a quarter, to help you cover eligible out-of-pocket medical or pharmacy expenses accrued during your plan year.

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