Improving the Benefit Experience

Our Approach

AristaPoint is an Employee Benefit Consulting firm working with employers with 5 to 300 employees located in the Pacific Northwest.

We use a consultative approach based on an employer’s goals and objectives that guide employers in the transition to building strong benefit brands.

With our innovative and strategic models, employers are able to customize their approach to provide highly competitive employee benefit programs, that are sustainable, and predictable into the future.

Our unique process begins with a detailed discussion and discovery with the key decision makers of the company, to review all areas related to the employee benefit programs.

Not every business is alike, and it is a core principle for our consultants to truly understand each employer. Using our discovery process as a guide, we want to be able to see the world from our client’s perspectives.

Once we complete the discovery discussion, our team analyzes the information we collect, and complete a thorough review that includes benefit strategy, market position, plan design, administration, regulatory compliance, reporting, and performance. We then meet with the employer team that assisted in collecting the information, to review our findings, strategic opportunities and make any recommendations if we discover areas that would be significant for the future success of the benefit plan.

Building a Benefit Brand is a key component to attracting and retaining the best human capital in this highly competitive business environment.

Brand development begins by having your company benefit material branded with your company logos.

Employee engagement is the key to improving the employee experience. We accomplish that goal with a variety of educational approaches and tools, so employees know and truly understand their benefits.

Our engagement experience provides a variety of services tailored for employees. This includes employee benefit & enrollment meetings, decision-making tools to empower employees in their healthcare treatment decisions and personal video educational devices to provide a better understanding of the benefits.

With a strategic approach to benefits, we integrate innovative wellness programs and resources that reward healthy behavior, increase employee productivity, and reduce healthcare costs over the long-term.

We work with the people that manage the company benefits to leverage technology and realize administrative savings through consolidated administration and billing to reduce the hidden cost of employee benefit administration.

We provide our clients with local support. Our Elite Service and Account Service teams know the providers, facilities, and the geography that can affect how benefits are provided.

Our Elite team specializes supporting group administrators that handle eligibility, enrollment and compliance issues related to administration. The Elite Team also provides support to plan members that need assistance with claim issues that may arise.

The Account Service Team works directly with our consultants and regularly communicates with company benefit plan administrators. Our Account Service team provides the ongoing support and facilitates coordinating our resources and services to make sure employees experience the value of the company benefit brand.

Through our team we are leading the change in healthcare to “Improve the Employer and Employee Experience in Employee Benefits.