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Ben Eaton

Employee Benefit Consultant

Ben Eaton delivers an analytical prowess and consultative approach to help companies develop the strategies and structures for successful employee benefits programs. Ben’s ability to adapt and change to the needs of clients and their organizations give clients the creative edge they need to build and compete for talent with a strong benefit brand.

Ben’s commitment to building long lasting trusted relationships is an important part of Ben’s personal commitment to honesty and integrity. With a work history built on managing, directing and teaching sales and service management for a Fortune seven company in the telecommunications industry, Ben has the experience to help growing small and mid-sized companies succeed.

Ben is versatile and well equipped to work with a variety of industries and enjoys learning about his clients’ businesses and growth strategies.

Ben was born and raised in a small town in Vermont but came to Washington during his teenage years and now resides in Kirkland with his fiancée and daughter.

When Ben is not working, you can find him in a yoga studio, mountain biking on the beautiful trails of Washington or at any of his daughters various sporting events.