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Wellness Programs

In today’s bustling workplace, it’s hard for employees to balance work and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At AristaPoint we tailor our offerings specifically to the employee, so that employees have all the resources they need to live a balanced life all at their convenience just the way it should be. With a benefit offering that isn’t just focused on insurance our personal wellness programs increase employee morale and decrease work related stress.

Successful Wellness Programs are designed to improve the health of employees, create encouragement, and should strive to provide users with the tools necessary to maintain a healthy life style. With integrated programs and services AristaPoint provides employers with a variety of embedded and non-embedded wellness programs, which allow employers the ability to choose what the best fit is for their company.

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Fitness Reimbursement

Through United Healthcare’s wellness program Multi-Choice enrollees and covered spouses can take advantage of the Fitness Reimbursement Program. This program offers money back to members who go to a participating fitness center on a regular basis. The fitness reimbursement program offers every enrolled employee and covered spouse under a Multi-Choice plan a $20 monthly wellness reimbursement for attending a participating fitness center. To receive the monthly reimbursement you must attend a participating fitness center at least 12 times each month and you are eligible to earn up to $240 in wellness reimbursements each year. This program provides individuals with a fun and exciting way to live a healthy lifestyle while getting paid in the process. Wellness is very important and should be a priority for many; with AristaPoint we provide the programs that help motivate you to live healthy.

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Motion Devices

Trio Motion provides subscribers with a personal activity tracker (TRIO), which encourages healthy living and saves employees money. Trio records daily step intensity and transfers the information to your computer, tablet or Smartphone via Bluetooth technology. When you reach your daily goal can earn up to $3 in motion wellness dollars each day or $1,000 each year. Employees can use the wellness money they earn to pay for eligible out of pocket expenses or even a membership to stay fit. The TRIO takes fitness devices to a whole new level, as participants receive quarterly payments, regular reports, and encouragement to get moving and improve their health.

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HealthiestYou Virtual Care

The shift to technology in healthcare administration allows AristaPoint to provide employees Virtual Care through HealthiestYou, a telehealth and wellness program. Virtual Care is the largest telehealth providers in the nation and connects enrolled individuals with a certified physician over the phone and in most cases takes 16 minutes or less to be connected. Accessible in all 50 states, employees can have a consultation and even be prescribed medicine all at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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HealthiestYouRX is a no-fee online service where participants can compare the price of a specific prescription at multiple pharmacies within their community. To make it easy HealthiestYouRX has an app you can download to your Smartphone giving you the power of comparison at the touch of the screen. Instead of making multiple calls or driving from pharmacy to pharmacy you can simply compare prices at the convenience of your home or office. HealthiestYouRX through AristaPoint can save employees time, but most importantly save people money. The cost of medicine should never deter anyone from taking their required medication and with HealthiestYouRX through AristaPoint we empower you to stretch your healthcare dollars.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

When it comes to group benefits, employees need a service they can count on for coverage today but also benefits that help them prepare for the future. With AristaPoint’s financial wellness programs, employers and employees alike can receive education and guidance on financial matters. Employees can also get assistance in developing a personal financial plan for today, and the future. Financial wellness is another integrated service that allows employees to focus more time on work, and less time on financial uncertainty. Studies indicate that financial wellbeing is something employees want to achieve but need education, guidance and support to do so. We provide trained professionals that work hand-in-hand with employers and employees to target financial issues and proven solutions.