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Healthcare reform introduces a new set of challenges for businesses to continue to provide quality benefits for employees. AristaPoint Consultants are committed to educating clients on how to purchase healthcare benefits effectively.

We approach the needs of our clients from their point of view. Our Consultants are committed to transparency, and educating our clients on how to purchase healthcare benefits effectively. We listen to our clients to determine their goals and objectives and then assist them in developing "Healthcare Management Strategies" to meet their needs and address the changing environment for years to come.

We understand change is not always taken lightly, and at AristaPoint we do everything we can to engage employees in their benefit plan. Goal setting is taken to a new level with our employee driven reward programs. Our plans don’t have a one-and-done mentality instead plans encourage and aid employees in achieving their goals on a consistent basis. Whether it’s earning money with the Trio motion device or saving money with United Healthcare’s fitness reimbursement program, at AristaPoint we provide the resources employees need to succeed.

AristaPoint focuses on serving clients and providing the leadership for change in healthcare, innovation, and technology. At AristaPoint we created and introduced compliant benefit solutions to serve employers through The Portfolio. The first employee benefit multi-choice marketplace, featuring fully compliant and approved ACA benefit plan options. Our platform includes strategic partnerships with other Puget Sound based companies that provide payroll and HR services which can be integrated to provide administrative savings with world class products and services that meet the diversified needs of employers and employees.

With our focus on advancements in technology and highly trained consultants we are changing the healthcare system. We are committed to delivering "A Better Way To Buy Healthcare".


Employers can be assured that meeting compliance record keeping requirements is simpler with our additional no-fee services for COBRA, FSA, HSA, PTP, and Medicare integration into plans. AristaPoint takes plan administration to a whole new level, employers simply notify AristaPoint of any changes and AristaPoint completes the changes for each line of coverage. From streamlined administration to full customer support, you can count on AristaPoint to be your benefit and administration advocate.


COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) enables employees and dependents who no longer qualify for employer provided benefits to continue their insurance under the group benefit plan. This extension of benefits is available for plans with 20 or more employees and applies to medical, dental, and vision plans. Under normal circumstances employers would handle all of the administration and notification work from start to finish, however with plans enrolled in The Portfolio all of the work is done in complete and compliant manner. This no-fee service ensures no additional costs to employers and helps employers avoid costly fines, due to improper COBRA administration.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts (FSA’s) allow employees to pay for out-of-pocket expenses on a pre-tax basis and are included as a no-fee service. With FSA integration employees can choose to set aside a portion of their salary before it gets taxed. This money is immediately deducted and moved to a flexible spending account where funds can be used to pay for qualifying healthcare expenses on a pre-tax basis. Employers and employees save money when they FSA’s because less income is being taxed, equating in savings for both employers and employees.


Pre-Tax Premiums (PTP) allow employees to contributions to their employer sponsored premiums on a pre-tax basis. PTP is included in all plans covered under AristaPoint and is offered at a no-fee service saving both the employer and employee money. The administration works to establish the plan, annual testing, and accordingly provide all appropriate legal documents required under Section 105.


A health savings account (HSA) is a personal bank account that employees can establish to pay for qualifying medical expenses. In conjunction with their HSA plans any deposits made, money spent and interests earned in an HSA are non-taxable, and is included as a no-fee services with plans covered under AristaPoint. Most importantly money deposited can be used at the employee’s convenience, there is no “use-it-or-lose-it” rule and money can even be carried into retirement. With an HSA you are not only making an investment in your health but also in your future.


As a part of our commitment to our clients we provide full transparency of compensation and we provide full financial disclosure to our clients. The insight this process provides an employer is very valuable in building a relationship with a trusted advisor and making important decisions about benefits that may be the competitive difference in recruiting and retaining employees. We want our clients to be assured we are always working in their best interest.

Decision Making Technoloy

Simple Selection

Sorting through benefit plans, deductibles, and networks can be confusing. AristaPoint provides employers with a decision making platform that allows them to sort through the variety of plans to select the options that meet the needs and goals of their employees. Simple Selection uses unique software to generate employer questions, the results from these questions are then used to suggest a range of plans to offer employers.

MySimple Selection 

Once employers have made their selections employees can use MySimple Selection; a decision making tool for employees to help them choose the best plan option for their individual needs. All of this is done seamlessly online and saves both the employer and employee time.