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Consolidated Administration

Administering benefits can be time consuming and expensive. We make it easy to administer your employee benefits with our e-service portal. Whether you are adding or terminating an employee, changing an address or requesting ID cards we provide you a safe secure website for real time administration for all you benefit plans.

Consolidated Billing

Consolidated Billing simplifies administration and provides employers with clear and easy to understand information for real-time accounting and reporting of group enrollment. Normally multiple plan options and benefits, meant multiple bills, which in turn meant multiple calls, duplicate administration, and payments throughout the month. With Consolidated Billing you have one simplified invoice for all lines of coverage. The consolidated bills are available through the employer online e-Services portal and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This simplicity saves employers time and brings all of the billing information together with a user friendly online platform.


MyAristaPoint.com is an exclusive website for employees that provides all of their benefit information in one place. This employer branded platform gives employees the convenience and reliability of accessing benefit information 24 hours a day, year round at home or on the go. MyAristaPoint.com allows employees to check all of their employer benefits as well as find links to look up physicians or locate resources. It doesn’t just end at insurance coverage, employees can even access discounts on car rentals, hotel rooms, vacation rentals, wellness news and articles. Insurance shouldn’t just be about plans or coverage instead it should be about improving the employer and employee experience with employee benefits.


ACA Compliance

The Portfolio provides employers with peace of mind by providing a one stop marketplace that features ACA compliant benefit plans. No longer will employers be uncertain about whether benefits are approved, ACA compliant, or meet minimum value standards. With The Portfolio employers can now offer a variety of compliant benefit plans that allow employees to choose the plan that best fits their individual needs.


Under the ACA the Patient-Centered Outcome Institute Fee (PCORI Fee) is imposed on the plan sponsor and is assessed based on the number of covered lives within a plan including that of dependents. The PCORI Fee helps fund research in the medical industry. Fees vary depending on the year, the plan ends, and range from $1-$2 per member per year. Not all plans are subject to the PCORI Fee, and unlike other fees you will not receive an invoice or notice for payment. While the PCORI Fee may be complex and sometimes complicated AristaPoint provides plan sponsors with the resources and tools to necessary to meet the filing requirements.


  • Credible Coverage
  • Exchange Notices


Streamline Your Group Benefits

AristaPoint e-Solutions is a complete online system that provides a variety of online tools and websites that allow benefit managers an easy way to manage group benefits. The online solutions provide safe and secure access to protect employee information and privacy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These services allow group administrators and employees to be more productive by providing the resources to access benefits information and save time.

e-Solutions Services:

e-Service: Allow employers online access to administrative functions to manage benefits, review invoices, add and delete employees, benefit information and provide access to plan summaries. e-Services, is the online solution that consolidates group administration work and provides employers with access to tools and resources never before available. Employers can access the secure web portal where they can make changes to employee information, request I.D. cards, and enroll new employees 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the convenience of their home or office. Normally enrolling an employee included filling out paperwork, contacting different carriers, and waiting days for approval. e-Services consolidates this and with a single place to enter requests that are then done across all plans in real time establishing coverage no matter how many plans are offered.

e-Enrollment: Secure, online enrollment for the employees of new AristaPoint groups. Once enrollment is complete we provide group administrators with copies of the enrollment to meet their record keeping requirements. e-Enrollment through AristaPoint e-Solutions makes enrolling for the first time simple and convenient. Employees review their benefit options and enroll online through our safe, secure website in just minutes. The information is then uploaded electronically to the carrier and identification cards are generated for enrollees and dependents. A complete copy of the group enrollment is provided to the group administrator for the employer records. Group administrators no longer have to file stacks of paperwork and wait for approval, through e-enrollment everything is done at the convenience of the administrator, just the way it should be.

e-Renewal: Online renewal enrollment for employees with controls to add custom information and enrollment information by group. e-Renewal through AristaPoint provides employers and benefit managers a safe and secure website to complete the employer renewal process from start to finish. This secure site gives benefit managers the ability to complete group contracts, set eligibility standards, set contribution guidelines and review integrated services. Employers can access the secure and confidential site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing benefit managers the ability to be productive during enrollment.

e-Wellness: Overall wellness assessment of your company to guide the benefit selection process or start a custom designed wellness program. With our client centric approach, e-Wellness by AristaPoint utilizes employee surveys to generate a companywide wellness profile. Our experienced consultants use this information from surveys to provide employers with the summary information they need to develop a specific healthcare strategy for employee benefits. The online employer surveys are done though our secure online website that is easy to maneuver and convenient. Everything is done on our secure and easy to maneuver website, which employees can easily access at their convenience.

Elite Service

AristaPoint’s Elite Service team provides high quality local support to employers and employees alike. Members of the Elite Service Team handle day-to-day administrative tasks and provide dependable customer service you can count on to help you navigate the healthcare system. Elite Services can assist you with anything from eligibility, benefit questions, billing concerns, or claims assistance, and is as easy as picking up the phone.

The Platinum Agency designation was awarded to Affiliated Services LLC by United Healthcare for the past 6 consecutive years, to recognize the quality of service we provide to our clients and honor the innovations in technology we introduced into the healthcare system.