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Welcome to AristaPoint.

We are a client centric insurance agency providing strategic employer benefit consulting, dedicated to our Mission Statement to;

“Improving the Employer and Employee Experience in Employee Benefits.”

We are providing the leadership for change in healthcare, innovation and technology to improve the experience for the employers and employees through with a committment to our core values of integrity, trustworthiness, accountability, excellence, leadership and being proactive, we are providing innovative solutions that deliver stability and predictability in times of uncertainty to our clients.

AristaPoint is a nationally recognized insurance agency and Private Group Market administrator, providing strategic solutions to address today's changing environment for businesses. Located in Kirkland, Washington, AristaPoint is one of the largest specialty employee benefit agencies in the Seattle area. AristaPoint was founded in 2002 with the development of proprietary administration software for Association Health Plan administration. The software was created specifically to provide a fixed administrative approach for group medical, dental, vision, and life coverage for fully insured groups. Beginning in 2009 and continuing through 2014 AristaPoint was awarded Platinum status by UnitedHealthcare. This award recognizes the quality of service provided to clients and honors the innovations in technology introduced into the healthcare system. AristaPoint is the only agency in Washington State to be recognized with this designation for five consecutive years.


The management team at AristaPoint brings a wealth of experience to our clients. The team combines extensive experience in employee benefits and business management with advanced experience in innovation, technology and human resources. Each management team member has been selected based upon their demonstrated leadership and proven track record of performance in their respective fields.


It is important to have a relationship with a trusted advisor to develop strategic solutions and guidance in navigating the healthcare system. We are committed to providing those trusted advisors in our highly trained Consultants. Our Consultants are selected based upon their business experience in companies prior to entering the insurance field. We believe it is important they have experience in running a business outside the insurance industry and are able to identify with the decisions our clients face each day in their businesses. Each of our Consultants are highly trained and committed to continually expanding their education through our Academy Training program. Accomplishing our mission statement of "improving the employer and employee experience with employee benefits" begins with our Consultants becoming a valuable and trusted strategic advisor to our clients.